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APQSNW is a small business that provides quilting services, and sells APQS longarm quilting machines.  I designed and built a new website for the owner in about a month.  I wrote or edited the text, took most of the photographs, and designed and built the site.

APQSNW frontpage.png
apqs sales page_edited_edited.jpg

Simple Design

The site is designed to the specifications of the business owner, with her goals and style in mind.  As the designer, I translate that information into a website that is easy to use, simple to navigate, and easy for the owner to modify.

The physical store is located in a business park rather than a mall in the back corner away from the main road.  I created the 'Find Us' button with a link to a map to solve the main challenge of customers - finding the store.

No more than 2 Clicks

APQSNW is a dealer for Longarm sewing machines.  Instead of inundating the user with pages of specs about the different machines, or sending them to manufacturer website, I provided quick summaries on the most important features of the machines, and then included buttons that take the customer to the manufacturer website for more information.

apqs machines.png
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